Sliding door

The most common & preferred option chosen by most people is the sliding door. These doors are placed on tracks that allow them to slide horizontally. The doors , two or more , can either go left to right or vice – versa as per the choice of the client. The sliding door offers us unhindered access & doesn’t take up too much of space.


Casement door

Single or double casement doors are available in opening-in & opening-out modes. It can either be used as a main entrance door or as an ancillary door.


Slide & fold door

The feature of these doors of being opened out of or into a room and be folded to the side offers a lot of flexibility in comparison to other doors . These can be opened to any width & can be customized.


Corner slider door

These doors make a room seem more spacious. These allow more of natural light to enter the room.


Lift & slide door

These doors have a unique construction owing to their lift mechanism. The immediate benefit of lift & slide door is the unequivocal ease of opening & closing of doors.


French doors

Also known as double doors , are a pair of glass doors usually opening from the back of a house into its garden or onto its balcony. Mostly these doors carry a pattern of Georgian bars to enhance their elegance & look.